City Council Approves New Parkway Ordinance

Posted in Gardens, Press, Speak Up by Jake Camarena - Oct 24, 2013

It was a long wait – even in Council chambers – but well worth it. The full council (with exception of Jose Huizar, not in attendance) voted “Yes” to the staff recommended, Bureau of Public Works approved new parkway ordinance — residents may now plant whatever they want, including edibles. They would still be bound by existing street safety requirements just as the off-loading setback for passengers, proper distance for visibility at intersections, driveways, 36″ height limits, no continuous hedges (access issue), etc.

The Council is giving staff time to come up with a good fruit tree list – trees that wouldn’t cause safety problems. And we have already submitted a list with justification to them for consideration. The City has been amazingly accommodating, seems to realize the importance of the public’s need for good, safe food, readily accessible. One councilmen suggested that people should first maximize their other space before going to the parkway. But the new change is truly amazing (for a bureacracy) in its simplicity. Yay for government bodies when it all works well!! Call your councilman and thank him.

Thanks to all the supporters of urban agriculture, who came out in an impressive number.

Next goal – access to vacant, abandoned lots for re-purposing as parks, gardens, including edible gardens.


Florence Nishida – Co-Fonder LA GREEN GROUNDS

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  1. Caroline K. says:

    Incredible. Congratulations!!!!! Thank you!

  2. Greg Heilers says:

    Excellent, congratulations and thank you! Your next goal will be wonderful as well.

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