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Started in 2010 and now in our 4th consecutive year. By 2013 year end we will have installed a total of 27 edible gardens.

Florence Nishida – Link
Vanessa Vobis –  Link
Ron Finley – has moved on to pursue the Ron Finley Project and can be reached at – Link

LAGG is a grass-roots, all-volunteer based group in South Los Angeles. We bring groups of diverse people together to replace residential front lawns into edible gardens to be shared with the neighborhood. We focus on serving geographic areas with scarce access to fresh, affordable food.

LAGG advocates growing your own food, occupying un-utilized open space and general wellness in S LA and beyond. We are active members of the public sector in speaking up! We attend city council meetings to reform or repeal bills that prevent access to clean, local, edible gardens. Regularly, we attend community gatherings–to table, talk, work, chat and act–about food, justice, anti-hunger, anti-poverty and environmental movements in the City.

Please drop us a line to our main address, lagreengrounds@gmail.com, If you’d like to shoot us a line about becoming a garden recipient, volunteer or get some more info, please email us and we will respond asap.


The LAGG Team

Plant it, Grow it, Feed Your Hood!

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